Hola a todos, my dear friends.

We have much to celebrate during all this intense 2017, so we will be giving space to all the joys that brings #humaniza.

And one of this great news is the publication of a fantastic review on delirium in Intensive Care Medicine  in which Proyecto HU-CI has taken a collaborative part.

We were invited to join to “The intensive care delirium research agenda: a multinational, interprofesional perspective” by doctors Pandharipande and Ely (from the research group ICU Delirium of Vanderbilt) to work together and learn with our admired Yoanna Skrobik (from Canada) and bring the perspective of family centered-care and humanisation.

After a thorough review, the article collects suggestions of different studies that should be conducted in the next ten years and the issues that are still pending to finish with ICU delirium:

1. Development and validation of objective tools for delirium screening/diagnosis in critically ill patients, e.g., electroencephalogram, computer-based apps.
2. Understanding the pathophysiology of delirium and its relationship mechanistically to long-term cognitive decline
3. Development of new models to improve delirium phenotyping
4. Understanding the attributable risk of delirium on outcomes; going beyond associations to causal inferences
5. Elucidating the biomarkers of delirium and incorporation into predictive models
6. Large RCTs that are needed in ICU patients:
  • Safety and efficacy of antipsychotic medications on delirium and long-term outcomes
  • Safety and efficacy of sleep optimization (non-pharmacological or pharmacological) on delirium and long-term outcomes
  • Safety and efficacy of cognitive and physical training on delirium and long-term outcomes
  • Safety and efficacy of alternate sedation paradigms (dexmedetomidine, clonidine, propofol,general anesthetics) on delirium and long-term outcomes
  • The role of humanization of ICU care, specifically family engagement and other non-pharmacological interventions (e.g., restraints), on delirium and patient and family long-term outcomes

Click here to read the full article.

We are really happy and grateful to have taken part in this beautiful work, with  nurses, pharmacists, physicians, biochemists and immunologists of United States, Scotland, Italy, Canada, Brazil, France, Australia and the Netherlands. Together we add more and together we will end up with ICU delirium!

So: Let’s celebrate it!!

Happy Thursday.