In the IC-HU Project (Humanizing Intensive Care) we are independent, passionate and have one thing very clear: our goal is to help making health care more kind for people and health environments the more livable as possible. In all the senses. For their users. For the professionals who care for the users. Nothing more and nothing less.

And this project does not have political color. We don´t sale to the highest bidder. None. It is an initiative that need values that honest people can provide. And wealth incorporated from different disciplines (medicine, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, ergonomics, design, economics, bioethics, computing, architecture…). And doors that can be open by people and key institutions. And work, hard work. And for a timetable in which does not address all the issues at once, which are many, by no means.
It seems to us a good moment to reaffirm in this declaration since last September 18th and in a very spontaneous idea, we started the campaign #humaniza: #benditalocura (holy madness), in that crowd of people made pictures forming a “H” with the hands. 

The success has been overwhelming (watch the video here) and joined people of every type and color: patients, health professionals, anonymous people, health managers, actors… and politicians of different colors (one, little known outside their community,was even invited by us). Already is known: in our context politicians rise blisters, especially when they talk about health and education. Totally understandable. However, we will not be who criticise someone who joins the humanization of health movement. 

At the same time we want to leave clear that “not criticize” does not mean “leave of being independent”. Or it does not mean that we are naive. Or it does not mean that many of us are not engaged in other battles related to transparency, healthcare advocacy or excellence in our professions. And we cannot avoid, although there are people and characters who come to the “H” of heart, others intend to use us as an added value.

We insist, our purpose is the humanization of health. We work to do so on many fronts and we are not going to disperse in ideological or political discussions: it would take us time and energy to focus on the task.

Our policy is called IC-HU. Starting from there, serene and reflective, we add, look for the diversity, establish alliances after weighing them very well. Therefore, to you, Yes, to you, that you heart beats and have (H) soul, we count on you because we are working on a integrator project.

Ah, and if it hadn´t been clear yet, we don´t fight in political colors because we are all the colours.

Concha Zaforteza
Nursing Director of Hospital Comarcal de Inca
On behalf and representation of the International Research Group the IC-HU Project for the humanization of intensive care units and the health care system