Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Just one day for the National Conference on humanization, we want to announce one of the first surprises, because there will be many…

After a brainstorming, our friends of Lab in action, who already collaborated with us in the design of the opening of the IC-HU Project party put hands to work, and after two months, we got together a result with which we identify ourselves fully and hope you like it:

We want to transmit:

– Universality: patients, families and professionals.
– Dynamism
– Freshness
– The H, which is becoming less silent
– The quote of the previous logo.

But above all, we wanted you were in the logo. Because there are things which are obvious and usually we don’t need to express them, but we needed to say it.

People who make the project possible have a special light. The real architects of change in the way of doing things: patients, families and professionals who are committed to make our area a more friendly place.

Perhaps you will not believe it, but two weeks ago, in the days of nursing at Complutense University Al otro lado del Pijama, I took the following picture:

No comment. There are things that do not need explanation, at least for me. Just simply, they are.

Happy Tuesday,