Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

We would like to share againa great new. On March 5 we will be in Barcelona at XXXVI Reunió de la Societat Catalana de Medicina Intensiva i Crítica (@SOCMIC) – XXXII Jornades Catalanes d’Infermeria Intensiva i Crítica.

The Congress will be held at Hospital de Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi and the title is very interesting: ‘Beyond the evidence’.

This is the program (only available in Spanish). As you can see is full of speakers very known among Spanish critical care professionals. All ‘hot’ subjects of intensive care will be discussed so the appointment is a obligation.

To close the conference, we will carry out the lecture Beyond the treatments and techniques, moderated by Lidia Cortés from the Hospital that sponsored the congress and Dr. Pau Garro, from Hospital General de Granollers.

This time, as members of the IC-HU Project, Dra. Mari Cruz Martín will speak of “Models, structures and people” and a myself to talk about the “Environment and the family”.

As in other occasions, we will share our presentations so you will be able to download them if they are of your interest… but the best thing would be you will bother to come to Barcelona, which is always a pleasure.

As in other conferences, we invite you to follow the conference and share your impressions with the hashtag #SOCMIC15.

See you in Barcelona!.

Happy Tuesday,

PS: Our most sincere gratitude to Dr. Francisco Fernández Dorado and Meritxell Tapia from SOCMIC to invite the IC-HU Project to the Conference.