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Something is changing in the hospital, specially at Emergency Department of the Hospital Universitario San Juan de Alicante. Montserrat Soler, auxiliary nurse, has edited “The Human Factor at Emergency Department”, a guide to humanize care of patients and families in this area of the hospital.

In her own words, “Humanize care requires interaction between the knowledge of Science and Human values to establish a quality assistance”.

“Since many years I have been working in the care of patients in the Emergency Room and I have learned many things, but the most important is the great role that we have to do in a human level in critical situations where already nothing technical can be done”, explains Montserrat Soler. And adds a quote from Doctor Marañón, “Only with dignity we can be physicians (nurses, Assistants or healthcare providers) with the idea stuck in the heart that we work with imperfect tools and media of uncertain utility, but with the awareness that where Knowledge can not reach, always gets Love”.

The guide presents strategies to promote the humanization of the intervention of nursing in each one of the different steps comprising the process of care in the Emergency Department.

Also, the guide talks about the importance of the first contact with the patient (greeting with kindness, asking the name, listening carefully the reason for consultation, demonstrating interest in helping it, explaining the procedure to be followed and the likely waiting time for medical care); on respect and privacy during the stay in the service; what is the relevant information to patient and family and emphasizes the use of a language adapted to the receiver.

It also discusses some environmental factors, that can help to rest and tranquility: change of sheets, the position, temperature, or the facilitation of the night’s rest.

The Guide also covers the information and explanations to discharge, or the handling of acute resuscitation situations.

For the moment, the publication is available for members of the Emergency Department and also will be available to the rest of the staff of the Department. The IC-HU Project will contact with Montserrat to try to broadcast from this platform, because we consider this is an excellent project of general interest.

Congratulations and thank you!
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