ML was admitted in ICU six months ago with a severe Guillain-Barre syndrome. We knew she would stay many days with us since the beggining

The first day she was intubated and connected to mechanical ventilation, and we did an early tracheostomy. Two months later, she started to recover slowly and we awoke, trying to facilitate to rest by night.

Two months after that she would be able to start weaning, increasinly hours free of the ventilator. She didn´t have enough force and suffered many atelectasis. But she won autonomy several hours and in Summer we could take ML out the ICU for #healingwalks.

Our ICU has an easy exit access, and watching the sun and the trees made she plenty of  happyness. We usually do this walks on weekend in the afternoon, when the work goes down. We use a wheelchair, oxygen and pulsioximetry. She is always acompanied by a doctor or a resident, a nurse and her family. We have addapted the ICU walk protocol in our ICU.

We took this picture a sunny day. It´s no neccesary to ask ML her opinion. Her smile talks everything. In addition to patience and see how day to day ML very slowly recovers her mobility, the best we can do is offer all our affection and put all our knowledge and our feelings supporting to understand that every day that passes, she has one day less for her recover

By Pedro Mª Olaechea Astigarraga 

OSI Barrualde-Galdakao. Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo.