Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Very good news once again, this time from Venezuela. Despite the difficulties, the humanization of Intensive Care is spreading arround the world.

Nurse specialists in Intensive Care of Hospital Dr. Patrocinio Peñuela Ruiz de San Cristobal-Tachira, motivated by the IC-HU project, began their career with an activity of music therapy.

Professionals responsible for this initiative, Francisco León, Yohana Pedraza and Leandro Duque with the permission of the institution and the support of the head of Department Dr. Evelin Castellanos, developed the following activity:

A duo of musicians played for patients with myasthenia gravis and porphyria in the unit, noting the favorable changes in vital signs, taking a bit of relaxation and relief to these patients. A relative was beside each patient and they played Venezuelan instrumental music, with not very sharp tones and not disturbing.

The vital constants were measured at the beginning of the activity, during and at the end, and we noticed that there were favorable changes in heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure decrease. In addition to that, the family of each patient was stroking their patients and add to the musical sound we were able to reduce the anxiety of the patients. The activity was a success.


From here, we celebrate these small great adventures that serve little by little to change the way of doing. Because it´s our work the ICU become friendlier places.

Muchas gracias amig@s!

Happy Friday,