Hola a todos, mis queridos amigos.

One year from the Declaration of Torrejón for the humanization of Intensive Care, signed to date by 460 people from all parts of the world.

On May 6th 2015, we also created the hashtag #humaniza and we continue making noise to raise awareness about how important the “H” is, and a matter of all.

Made these reviews, we want to share a new step forward. After the development of a multidisciplinary group in the ICU of Torrejón to go forward in other areas raised by this project, we have created our own figure of the main caregiver. You can download the document in Word (only available in Spanish) and see if it is feasible or customizable to your ICU.

As you can see, we want family members to organize their times, accompanying patients and collaborating with us in basic care. To do so, and after much talk and agrees, we have drawn up some rules of the game who explain how the ICU Schedule is, the hand hygiene and the signing of the families accepting their collaboration. Two main caregivers for family can be selected.

We have just started to play this game. By the moment, I can forward that everyone’s satisfaction has increased and the 100% of those who have played this game would repeat. That piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.

So, we keep playing. Do you want to play with us?.

Happy Weekend,