Our target in the World Sepsis Day is not the humanization of care of these patients and Posttraumatic syndrome suffered by many of them.

Our goal has to be the prevention.
To do this, there are such basic measures of prevention as the following:
Vaccinating children protects grandparents
Today there are effective vaccines for children, which protect us from the main pathogens. Vaccinating young children leads to an increase in the protective mechanism known as “group immunity”, which breaks the chain of infection and results in a smaller number of infections, even among non-vaccinated.
Stop the indiscriminate use of antibiotics
The overuse of antibiotics in outpatient care for the last years has led to a dramatic increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. One of adequate measures to prevent the resistance is specific and prudent use of antibiotics – which often are wrongly prescribed for viral infections. Therefore, we support all measures that contribute to the intelligent and rational use of antibiotics in health care.
Care and hygiene of birth is a human right
In some parts of the world, unsanitary facilities or contaminated water cause severe digestive infections, which can evolve to a deadly case of sepsis. That’s one of our key strengths is the promotion of hygiene of hands and good health practices in general: hygienic childbirths, improvements in sanitation and nutrition, safe drinking water supply

Dr. Alberto Del Castillo
Multidisciplinary unit of Sepsis
Intensive Care Unit.
Hospital Son Llàtzer, Palma de Mallorca.