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Next Wednesday April 15th will take place at
Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús the First Meeting for reflection on the current situation of complex chronic pediatric patients in the community of Madrid (click here to access the program, only available in Spanish).

As you can see, among other issues it is pediatric intensive care and home mechanical ventilation.

With all the players involved.

A success for sure, there is “no tickets”. We applaud this initiative, explained by the organization from here:
“Every day children with technology-dependent and complex chronic diseases are increasing. However, our health care system fails to adapt or respond to their needs (or their families) to be able to be attended with quality at home.
Attention to the chronic patient is a new strategic line of the direction technique of the Ministry of health of Madrid, through a structured and comprehensive program for adults, that has started dealing with asthma and childhood obesity, and is challenging the complex chronic patient.
This workshop is aimed at all professionals from different fields, which are involved in the care of these children: nurses, hospital paediatricians and primary care, rehabilitation and physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, foundations… and of course patients and family.
The main objective is to facilitate a common space for reflection through a tour of the main challenges posed by this group of patients. Seeing the needs of all stakeholders (children, family, and professionals) and finding efficient solutions.
Our goal is to join forces and to share projects and lines of work that are currently being developed and in parallel in various institutions. It is necessary that responsible agencies are involved and facilitate the consolidation of these strategic lines focused on the best interests of the child and its family.
Because pediatric chronic patients exist and are children who should live in their homes, normalizing the most their life and their relatives. For this purpose, it is necessary to facilitate all the necessary support to their families.
We shouldn´t let children confused the hospital with their  home.”
All together walking, we get further.
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