Hola a tod@s, my dear friends:

Just ending the week thanks to Dra. Mari Cruz Martín, head of service at ICU of Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, who sends us this awesome article: The Changing Role of Palliative care in the ICU, published in the issue of November 2014 in Critical Care Medicine.

There is a growing recognition that a effective integration of palliative care during acute and/or chronic critical illness could help patients and families, who could be found in very difficult situations after discharge from ICU.

Regardless of the diagnosis or prognosis, palliative care are being objective of our eyes. And also we are becoming more aware of what prolonged ICU stay is for everybody, and the sequels that can develop our actions.

In the article the prior evidence is reviewed and outlined strategies for the improvement of palliative care in ICU, identifying resources for its implementation.

1. Opportunities to relieve physical and emotional symptoms, improve communication and provide support for patients and their families

2. Models and specific interventions to improve the palliative care in the ICU

3. Resources for the improvement of palliative care of ICU

4. To promote research in this field to carry out an integrative medicine that seeks to effectively and efficiently.

For me, you should read this article, because there is much to improve in this field. And what important thing is to stop and thinking about it.

Happy Saturday, and remember…See you at #SOMIAMA!