Hola a tod@s, my dear rogue:

Without a doubt, this has been a special Congress for many reasons. Congratulations again to the Organization, which has certainly been at the height of the magnitude of the meeting.

But I’ll take the fundamental idea that the bases for the humanization of the ICU has been created. For me, one of the best topics of the Congress was that took place yesterday afternoon in the Tapices room and that moderated Pilar Delgado and Monica Delicado: Humanization of the Attention to the Critical Patient.

Shiny exposure by Concha Zaforteza  on attention to the family environment of patients; spectacular approach of José Manuel Velasco on the advantages and disadvantages of closed and open ICUs, and precious speech of Marta Romero on the human-technological combination and opinion of the patients.

In a plenty room, the ovations occurred one after another.

And add to this, I would like to share the yesterday post by our colleague Ana de Pablo: And why not open the doors of the UCI?; talks on many issues such as the crisis, the revolution that resulted in the transformation of the ICU of Hospital San Pau and Santa key of Tarragona, the experience of Manresa, etc.

Because honestly, this for me has been one of the best Congress that I have never assisted.

Now, lack all initiatives come together in a single so they crystallize, because our power is our union. We are a legion.  Human needs to take prevalence over technology.

Stopping to think, listening to all people, and planning projects to subsequently implementing and developing them. Open ICU, communication, job satisfaction, and the burn-out… There is work for everybody! 

Adds you to change!

My most sincere congratulations mates, this is the way.
And we are going to go.

A hug to all and happy journey.