Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Back home from San Sebastian, of the #IntensivosDonosti Congress.

I just decided to go last minute, because of the recent death of my father a week ago. But I felt that the show must go on, and wanted to be at the table of humanization that opened the Congress and greet all people who feel this project as me.

A success, you could already seen in social networks, crammed the Kursaal in San Sebastian. It is wonderful to see that the humanization of intensive care and the Healing by extension is located in the center of the scenario. We continue to work together to go down to Earth ideas and make real changes in our units.

In the first moment of loneliness that I had, at the airport of San Sebastian just before embarking, I collapsed. Too much emotional containment during this week.

Yesterday Laura Díaz, friend, nurse and companion of the ICU of Hospital Universitario Doce de Octubre, shared the following article (sorry, only available in Spanish) on the wall of Facebook in the group. I would like to rescue some phrases:

1. No one has taught us never what are the laws of suffering and how to deal with them.

2. No one is immune to the loss.

3. Each person must find their own way of facing the grief.

4. It is important to know how vulnerable you are: enables us to be flexible and adapt.

5. No one will cry for us.

6. Life implies a share of suffering: sometimes it hurts.

So I’m in grief. Giving space to the pain.

Without a doubt, saying goodbye is an art.

Thank you so much Laura.

Happy Thursday,