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From Intramed, the translated article Dying with dignity in the ICU signed by Deborah Cook and published in New England Journal of Medicine just a year ago is being shared via twitter.

A must read. Today we rescue the ABCD of the Dignity-conservation of care (Chochinov adapted):

  • The attitudes and assumptions may affect the practice.
  • Reflect on your own life experiences affect the way in which care is provided.
  • Please note that the attitudes and assumptions of other doctors “may affect the way of approaching patients.
  • Teach students to be aware of how their perspectives and presumptions can shape behaviors.
  • Behaviors should always improve the dignity of the patient.
  • Show with non-verbal methods how patients and their families are important to you.
  • Don’t be in a hurry; sit and make eye contact when talking to patients and their families.
  • Turn off the digital devices and avoid jargon when you talk to patients and their families.
  • Compassion is the sensitivity to the suffering of others and the desire to alleviate it.
  • Get personal stories (narratives) that accompany the patient’s disease.
  • Recognize the effect the disease has on the life of your patient experience.
  • Recognize and alleviate the suffering.
  • Dialogue must be recognized beyond personality of the disease.
  • Explore the most importatn values for your patients.
  • Ask who should get more involved to help your patients in difficult times.
  • Encourage patients and their families to reflect and remember the past (reminiscence).

What would be happend if someday all of us put this in practice?

Happy Thursday, Gabi