There is not much to do to avoid the tremendous pain we feel. The lost of your most loved person, the lost of a child that dies when he should begin to live.
There is not much to do to avoid the frustration after so many and so hard fought over 20 years, for nothing, but if something can mitigate this suffering, is the support received from family and friends throughout all this time.

This is the reason for my letter, to say thank to that family, which began to form when Ismael was born 20 years ago: the staff of the Hospital La Paz in Madrid, who together with us, have laughed in good moments and wept at the bad ones, giving us a warmth and a love that is only possible to find, as I said before, in the most intimate friends and family environment. 

A family that has grown, because even people who were not already linked to Ismael, for work reasons, pensions etc, have continued to support us in the hardest times until today, beyond what its responsibility obliges them during this time. 

This is our public health System, surely it should improved, as everything, except in what refers to the people that make it up, unbeatable in their dedication to service and technical preparation.
For all and each one of you, we send from here our eternal gratitude, our unconditional support to your immense work and our admiration for your personal wealth. 
Best regards,
Ana Alonso and Alfonso Alonso.