Pascual Gallego

Sense and Sensibility (II)

2019-08-02T18:57:35+01:0022 December, 2016|

Scientific and technological advances of our era and the excellent training received in Medical Schools lost much of their value when they are applied without adequate sensitivity, when it´s forgotten something so elemental as the right of human beings already evicted to die surrounded by their loved ones, in a suitable place. In this moment, their bodies should be received by the family with the [...]

Sense and Sensibility (I)

2019-08-02T18:57:35+01:0021 December, 2016|

The punished body of my mother said "it´s enough" before the deadlines provided. The fever suddenly didn´t disappear, the blood pressure didn´t improve, a pain in the side. But how is possible! She was playing cards with her friends in the the afternoon!. From the district hospital to the provincial hospital. From Ward to the ICU. Behind the stretcher, in procession through halls and waiting romos with [...]

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