ICU Diaries

ICU diaries: Looking for the missing pieces… #HealingWords

2019-12-17T06:22:33+01:0017 December, 2019|

“Reading what happened to me has incredible value. It is very hard, but it is important to know it happened. I need to understand that it took place in order to continue. After all, it's my life, isn't it? M.J.P. 55 years, 60 days in ICU. Illness suddenly invades people's lives, and turns everything upside down, without warning and without [...]

Time is never lost: ICU Diaries

2019-08-02T18:56:13+01:0022 May, 2018|

"I have no memories for myself. I didn't even realize I had been in a hospital. My family has been telling me. That time, for me it has not existed. " This is the testimony of Josefa Garcia, after being discharged from an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as it is collected in an article recently published in the ABC journal [...]

Living after ICU

2019-08-02T18:57:10+01:0018 April, 2017|

"Everyone is happy because I am already out of danger, but now I feel that I have a huge, steep stair in front of my... ".  Thanks to scientific and technological advances, ICU get higher and higher survival rates. However, from a holistic view of health and of the continuity of care, attention to emotional health in the ICU and [...]

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