“I come into your room very slowly with my red nose, in silence. You have lost eyes, although I really think that some sort of vision problem don´t let you feel my presence. Slowly I am by your side, your face remains impassive, I breathe, and the notes of my ukulele begin to sound.

At that moment your face is suddenly transformed into joy, recognize my company. I put a rattle in your hands, we both slip between the notes, and today you surprise me, whispers, begin to sing. Your light soul floods the room, and invades my heart with your energy.

We are running out, and as a final point, you draw a big smile on your face, and after a deep sigh, which announces how lucky we are by sharing that minute of intensity and humanity, which is worth dreaming. When I look up, five nurses are watching us from the opening of the door. You has drawn on their faces an endearing mixture, between a tear excited and a smile of happiness. We got to the end, and all make the best of their applause.

PayasoSalud, is an NGO of clowns of hospital, which carries out projects for the promotion and improvement of health for ill people in hospital or residential centres, through therapeutic clowns, and by technical professionals of laughter and humor.

They are involved in the process of recovery of the patient, humanizing the therapeutic process, both for patients and for family and health, helping to improve emotions and relieve tension, giving #sonrisasquecuran (smiles that heal).

In this video of Canal Enfermero you can see their work in hospitals:

Visit the website www.payasosalud.org and you will find all the ways to collaborate giving smiles (honking partner, working as a volunteer ).

You also can help!