Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Every year when the cold is reaching Madrid, ICU professionals usually join thanks to the meeting of the Society of Intensive Medicine of the Autonomy of Madrid, SOMIAMA.

This year is the 19th, so it could be said that we are at the beginning of youth. November 17 and 18, it will take place in the Hall of the Escuela Militar de Sanidad de Madrid, the VI Conference of the Critical Patient Care.

Always it becomes a meeting place for friends, where we have the opportunity for sharing and continue to learn regardless of your place in the team. And a luxury for doctors in training who have a needed stop these days.

In fact, this year’s program includes, as it has already done so in the past, a significant share of nurses. It aims to highlight the importance of these professionals in the care of critical patients. Also we get together, like every year, with the section of pediatric intensive care with a meeting in facilitating the approach to the subjects of intensive medicine in paediatrics.

In addition, this year is held a newedition of a course of FCCS, as a pre-Congress activity.

Monday 17 after oral communications, it will take place the presentation of the Online course on fungal infection in critical patient; we will discuss the present and future of ICU nursing; the Ebola Virus disease be treated from the point of view of the intensive and it will resume training in intensive care medicine challenge.

Tuesday 18 the day will be opened with the Bureau of CPR, where there will be a PRO-AGAINST about hypothermia and after that, IC-HU Project has been invited to talk about the presence of relatives in-hospital CPR along with Dr. Alfredo Serrano of SUMMA 112, to speak of the same subject but at home.

After that, the “ZERO Projects” in a joint session will be discussed during pediatric intensive care meeting takes place. Followed by others task: the Dexmetomidina, the patient safety, ethics and finally nutrition.

Do you really want to lose it?. Even if you are a patient or family or simply you want to know what we do, come on and join us!

Give broadcasting, make photos, let´s position and reclaiming between all the importance and the need of these days. This, for we propose the hashtag #SOMIAMA, so let’s make the 19 virtue and… give it diffusion!.

Congratulations to the Organization, we will be there.

Happy Wednesday,