Nowadays, that person who haven´t heard about Humanizing Care, is because he/she lives on another planet.

I am a nurse. I work at the Hospital General Universitario de Albacete, exactly in Anesthesia and Resuscitation Unit (REA), and as in every ICU, we suffer stress, burn-out and work overload. 

Stopping and thinking on what we can improve is important, and we have to focus on the 3 pillars: patient, family, and professional. We have been working on easy and cheap areas such as family information, surveys of satisfaction, music therapy, change and extended visiting policies… but there is still much to mature and refine.

We join the train of the IC-HU Project, as well as other intensive units of my hospital as polyvalent ICU, coronary ICU and paediatric ICU… The more we are, much better.

A sample of the best we receive: letters from the families and patients, pictures, visits, videos… which undoubtedly calm, comfort and encourage us to continue working in the best way that we know. It is the best balm, and the best positive reinforcement they can bring us… Best than the best chocolates in the World have a better taste:

“A great speaker perhaps would start saying:

Somewhere in La Mancha, whose name I can’t remember, not so long ago a knight of spear in the shipyard lived…”

But I’m not a great speaker, and I have never met a knight. On the other hand, if I’ve met a place in La Mancha, where great human beings, in their pijamas, make MAGIC…

With patience, knowledge and experience, enduring pressure, with determination, discretion, affection, with calm… With all these virtues that seem to be disappearing, they have achieved what in my eyes is a true miracle: you saved my husband life.

I want to tell each and every one of you this feeling that I don´t know how to call. Thanks isn´t enough. Infinitely short. 

My husband lives thanks to your work. Thank you.

We have been on the edge of pure desperation and you help us. Thank you.

It is assumed that you do a job which is paid every month, but for me the result of such work can not pay with money.

I am aware of we have a long way to go in recovery. But thanks to you, we have the opportunity to walk.

Someday I will tell my daughters a story of small heroes getting based on hard work and infinite patience and let homes that were leaving to be, saved from destruction. Someday they will feel the same grateful for your work and know about that place in La Mancha called Hospital General de Albacete.

My most sincere congratulations to the whole REA team.

P.N and family…”

From that place in La Mancha, Albacete.

See you in Barcelona.

Mª Dolores Pardo Ibáñez.
Nursing Supervisor.
Hospital General Universitario de Albacete