The recent International Congress of Anaesthesia and Reanimation of Paris organized by the French Intensive Care Society (SRLF), wanted to illustrate through photography how to live in the best way the ICU admission. 

The polyvalent ICU of the Centre hospitalier universitaire Toulouse – Rangueil took part into the contest with a photo that illustrates another point of view from the inside.

Duo of violin in the hospital: creation at the moment! 

Our ICU welcomes two atypical violinists. 

“Le Duo” come and stand next to patients, families and staff, to create music. Improvisation is inspired by what they hear or that can hear every moment. 

It is a journey in the present, an invitation to share a happy moment. A feeling of love that causes reflections on death, life, good living and the art of caring. This project is a support for our work, which gives service to life.

Through this project for adults (usually all focus on children) my unit took part in the photo contest.

A project developed by Guillaume Decormeille (nurse with the initiative of the idea of participating), Christelle Jault (nurse amateur photographer), the patient (giving permission to broadcast) and the heads of unit and hospital (giving the agreements to participate), have carried out a photo of the moment.

The patient had a ECMO (extracorporeal circulation) while he was waiting for a heart donation. He was aware, he didn´t need ventilatory support but he was deeply depressed by his situation.

Thanks to this visit, he could escape a bit and dreaming with the music and the emotions that are released through the complicity. Music at the service of the patient.

Technology, music and human being: all in harmony, the moment is intense.

The picture suggests us something: the imagination of the patient escapes helped by music. This photo received the first award!

A bit of emotion is a big step for patients

Guillaume Decormeille