Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amigos.

Next Thursday May 19th, we will fly to Bilbao to participate in the National Conference of the Spanish Society of Radiology, SERAM 2016. And we will talk in a very atractive session presented by Drs. Begoña García and Isabel González: Beyond Technology.

This is the title of our tak:

Diagnosing and treating patients are not enough: the humanization of radiology services

Yesterday, this blog reached its first 500.000 pageviews in Spanish (and more than 160.000 in English) thank to you. One of the first things I wrote on it was our desire for the humanization of Health: 

“If we are able to send and spread the message of attention focused on the human being inthe heart of medicine associated with technology, Intensive Care Medicine, the rest of specialties would be added and humanization would be extended to whole Medicine”

Two years and three months later, our mates of Radiology open the door. So, we can´t be happier and grateful because we are walking the path we want to walk. But they are not the only ones, so stay tunned to this blog..

Radiology #humaniza, and we walk together toward the humanization of the whole Health System. We won’t stop until we get it.

Happy Tuesday,