Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

We are looking for happy professionals all over the world. From New Zealand, Hearts in Healthcare has launched the project

There is an epidemic of Burnout among healthcare professionals, not only in Spain but also around the world. So we can´t do our work fully and this commitments a more human management. Emotional exhaustion and depersonalization directly affects our patients.

But it is possible and necessary to be happy in our precious work as we were one day. There are professionals who prove it with that smile that never lose (many people comes me to mind), with this aura of calm and tranquility. Always they find time to treat the person, not to the patient and return home with a deep sense that their work is well done and makes sense.

If you are one of these professionals, or know any of them… Just sharing with us!

The project ‘ Happiness in Healthcare’ has two objectives: the writing of a book containing all of these experiences and the creation of a Centre for the happy care in Louisville, in the United States.

The book Happiness in Healthcare will be distributed free of charge as an ebook and will grow with successive editions. In it, we aim to tell everyday stories of people we all know and that motivates us to be the best version of ourselves every day.

They need our help and our inspiration, because if you are a nurse, a social worker, a midwife a physician, an Assistant or anyone who works in the health and you have a story to help to motivate your mates, you are fundamental.

Tell us your own story or nominate someone you know. What type of professional are you? What makes you happy as a worker? Did you ever feel burnout? What things do you do in every day that keep you on fire?.

Let us help from Spain, jmy friends!
Happy Tuesday