Hola a todos, mis queridos amigos.

Next destination of the IC-HU Project: Argentina. We have been invited as speakers in the 26º Congress of Argentine Society of Intensive Care Medicine which is going to be held in Salta.

This is the premilinary program. We have the pride and honor to talk in four sessions:

Thursday, August 25th

Bioethics Room 10
10:00 – 11:30 “The dignity of the patient ” 


  • 10:00 “Introduction” by GUSTAVO FIDEL MARINO AGUIRRE (Argentina) 
  • 10:15 “Palliative care and Intensive Care integration”, by EDGAR CELIS (Colombia) 
  • 10:35 “Caring with dignity: Who? How? When?” by ALEJANDRA JULIARENA (Argentina) 
  • 10:55 “Prevention and management of sequelae of Post Intensive Care Syndrome” by GABRIEL HERAS (Spain)

Nursing Room 04- Los Nogales
17:15 – 18:00 “The IC-HU Project: why we should join?”
President ANA MARÍA BEJARANO (Argentina)


Friday, August 26th

Nursing Room 04-Los Nogales
14:15 – 15:45 “Humanizing the care”

President MARCELO FABIO MORALES (Argentina)

  • 14:15 “The Care of Invisible“, by GABRIEL HERAS (Spain) 
  • 14:45 “ICU nursing and death”, by CLARA CULLÉN (Argentina) 
  • 15:15 “Towards an Open door ICU: step by step”, by FABIANA CICCIOLI (Argentina) 

Bioethics- Talking with experts- Room11
14:45 – 16:15 “Family in ICU / The ICU team”

Moderated by MARGARITA TORRES BODEN (Argentina)

  • 14:45 “Introduction” by MARGARITA TORRES BODEN (Argentina) 
  • 15:00 “What can bring us Integrative Medicine?” by GABRIEL HERAS (España) 
  • 15:20 “Should we open the ICU or let the family help in the care?” by HÉCTOR A. FERRARO (Argentina) 
  • 15:40 “Moral distress in the ICU team” by JANICE ZIMMERMAN (United States of America) 
  • 16:00 “Conclusions”, by CRISTINA ORLANDI (Argentina)

And as we could not pass up opportunity, thanks to the kind invitation of the Drs. Gabriela Vidal and Federico Carini, friends and authors of respective posts on this blog, we will visit their hospitals to talk about Humanizing Intensive Care and to lay the first foundations to implant the IC-HU project in Buenos Aires.

Monday August 22nd, I will visit the Hospital General José de San Martín de la Plata and Tuesday August 23rd, the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires.

Happy and thankful to Argentina, the second Spanish speaking country follower of this blog.

You could start the day with this song: Jump (Salta) with me!

See you in Argentina, thanks to SATI for making it possible.

Happy Wednesday,