Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Next week on road to Porto, to the Jornadas de Medicina Intensiva Da Primavera,  organized by the Hospital de Santo António do Centro Hospitalar do Porto.

A tremendously evocative title: “Where we are and where are we going?” that also is the title of the opening conference, by Dr. Jean-Louis Vincent.

And a program that will focus on the hottest topics for professionals of Intensive Care and with experts of national and international stature, among which you will find Dr. Enrique Fernández Mondéjar, current President of SEMICYUC.

It´s important to emphasize that amog the usual courses that will be linked to the Conference, there is one of Stress management and teamwork in critical situations: the importance of caring for the caregiver in value.

On the afternoon of October 21st, our friends and neighbors have estimated the creation of a space for reflection: “ICU Care or ICU Cure”.

And they have invited us to do with them and to exchange points of view to learn together in the early evening talk.

We will discuss clinical dilemmas, individual conflicts and will close with the first international presentation of our Humanizing Intensive Care Project. For sure a pride and honour.

We are delighted to participate in these JMIP 2015, and tremendously grateful to Dr. Irene Aragão, President of the Conference. We are creating partnerships with our neighbors to expand the message: Together we add more.

We promise a chronicle and good pictures of a wonderful city.

Happy Saturday,