We were very busy that morning.

Four days ago a traffic accident led us to admit multiple trauma patients in the ICU. That morning, two of these, and a venerable old lady, like a providential gift will be discussed, offered a whole host of supreme acts.

I introduce you the main protagonists.

Mohamed, Kurdish, 33 years old, living in Germany, multiple trauma stabilized and conscious, talkative in perspective, two chest tubes and right volet. Everything seems good and convenient. He speaks English and Kurdish, but despite his situation, thanks us in Spanish and gives us a smile to any occasion.

Lia Kwan (Coral), Hongkonger, 41, resident of Hong Kong, trauma patient, unstable, vasoactive drugs, invasive mechanical ventilation, sedated, with painkillers, severe abdominal blunt trauma that morning needed new abdominal surgery. Her husband and children speak heavily accented English and Cantonese Chinese. They show respect and consideration for the eastern bow.

Dolores, Spanish, 81 years in limiting life-sustaining treatment for refractory septic shock of abdominal origin after 24 hours of intensive therapy.

12 AM.

The hour that the Catholic tradition reserved for the Angelus pray. It also coincides with one of the five daily prays of the Muslim rite. It is also a good time for Buddhist mantric prayers. The three families, as agreed.  decide the same thing entrusted to their god.

Mohamed’s family, newcomer, asked see him; and together with a high modesty, they begin their prayer.

The Dolores’ family, have asked permission to give the last rites. The pastor is proceeding with this sacrament.

Coral’s husband, knowing the imminent surgery in the head and together with his children, began his prayers.

All of us recognize that there was not any particular moment, we’re not only living a physical time, but not knowing whether we were worthy of such a great situation: we were in a spiritual dimension of time, which also corresponds to HUMAN IDENTITY.

Thank you.

Félix José Martín Gallardo (swx20088@gmail.com)
Intensive Care physician.
Critical Care and Emergency Management Unit