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Dr. Juan López Messa, Head of Intensive Care Unit at Complejo Asistencial Universitario de Palencia shares with us the following article published in Critical Care: Is There a Role for Music in the ICU?.

Could music reduce anxiety and sedation needs during mechanical ventilation?. The answer is YES.

This is a randomizen trial with 373 patiens of Minnesota Hospital ICUs between September 2006 and March of 2011.

The patients received self-initiated Patient-directed music (n =126) with preferred selections tailored by a music therapist, or self-initiated use of noise-canceling headphones (NCH; n = 122), or usual care (n = 125). Scales of anxiety were measured and also were registered the use of sedatives in terms of intensity and frequency.

Analysis of the results showed that patients who used music therapy had a score of 19.5 anxiety lower than patients in the usual care group.

The fifth day of study, anxiety felt 36.5% of these patients. It also showed a significant reduction in the use and dosage of sedatives in a 38%.

Here we have a very cheap measure, withouth adverse events and very easy to implement. And we are not alone.

Through this article I introduce you the friends of Música en Vena: an Spanish non-profit association that improves hospital stays of patients, families and healthcare providers from the culture and music in particular.


The project was aimed at cancer patients and with the music as the main tool, and today all users of hospitals enjoy it and they also used other cultural manifestations as a working cannel,

The Association has a primary mission to patients and families, but also seeks to encourage the creation of new circuits for the development of the musical activity of the performers, as well as other cultural events and live music.

Patients unable to attend concert halls, museums, etc. but we can reach hospitals. Música en Vena wants to be the hinge between the cultural pulse of the city and the hospitals, approaching music and culture in general these environments, from the smallest scale – music on demand in rooms – to the largest – shows in the wonderful acts of up to 400 seats – halls.

Do we raise the volume?
Who does not have a song that cures?

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