Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Only a few days remain to finish this incredible 2015, which has brought us all parts of Spain, Portugal and Colombia and has allowed us to meet many people in love with our work and wanting a change.

And we can´t forget these National Days in May, which also mobilized more than 150 people everywhere to share two wonderful days to talk about the humanization of the intensive care.

Before the end of the year, I want to make you a proposal on my behalf and on behalf of the entire research group for the humanization of the intensive care:

Put an H in your life

Because humanization is something intangible and everyday, something necessary and extrapolated to all areas of life. Humanization is a question of attitude.

Recently in this blog, Mónica Ferrero surprised us with her wish list.

I also have 3 wishes for 2016:

1. Making available for ICU professionals the training in “Human Tools”: active listening, empathy, teamwork, communication, relationship, support and compassion.

2. The national consolidation of the humanization of the intensive care.

3. The international spread of the IC-HU Project.

We are working intensively to develop the first wish, and we will keep you informed as always, via blog.

To pursue the second and third wishes, we need your help. Many of you have already connected as independent people or national form (Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay) for the creation of a branch of the IC-HU Project in your respective places. 


Please fill and send the next form to make contact with all of you: you would see that in the same country are many people thinking as you and we will connect you. We will establish networks for researching in every ICU and in each country directly interconnected with us.

So we ask you one more time maximum diffusion, to get this message to the whole world and organise ourselves in 2016.

It depends on us. We will go where the heart leads.

Together we add more and are making the change.

Happy Saturday,