In the ICU there are often “particularly critical” situations, such as sudden death, the attempt of autolysis, traffic accidents, the donation of organs in brain death and other situations of conflict between relatives or need to communicate bad news.

In these cases, the psychological support by professionals can help a more appropriate management of these difficult situations between the relationship ICU professionals, patients and family members.

In the service of Intensive Care Medicine of the Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta, we have given priority to this element of improvement within the critical process and believe that it should be part of a Medicine-Nursing intensive care more human and closer to the patient, their families and the environment.
Our goal is to create an ICU and a hospital kinder.

The circuit beggins when it is requested by the ICU profesionals to detect any need or even the own family of the critical patients. It is channelled through psychologists and they administer interviews and more timely follow-up in each case.

We are planning an assessment of the satisfaction of professionals and family members to the year of its implementation.

Dr. Josep-María Sirvent
Head of Intensive Care Unit
Professor associat | Facultat de Medicina | Universitat de Girona
Grup de recerca Microbiología i Infeccions en Crítics (IDIBGI)
Institut Català de la Salut Girona
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Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta