In December 2015, New England Journal of Medicine published the editorial Leading the Transformation of Health Care Delivery — The Launch of NEJM Catalyst.

Health care delivery is in a period of historic transition: social capital seems to be the clue for institutions to improve trust, teamwork, reliability, fiability and the desire to innovate. To support the decision makers and clinical leaders in the health care institutions during this time of change, the NEJM Group launched a new resource, NEJM Catalyst.

NEJM Catalyst use a range of formats to provide these leaders with information that can help them redesign patient care, change the structure of their institutions, contemplate new relationships with outside organizations, and reconsider the ways in which incentives are being used.

Thus, this platform has considered the Proyecto HU-CI proposal  as a care redesign initiative and has just published the slide of our lines of research as a resource that fits perfectly with its philosophy. It is an honor to share with you:

My favorite slide: the ICU and the Human Care Bundle

We are very grateful especially to Lisa Gordon and Bob Wertz for their advice and corrections… And very proud of all the people who support every day the transformation of the ICUs and this evolution with H of human. We hope that this article will serve to spread the message in English-speaking countries and continue growing together.

Stay tunned to this #holymadness!