everybody. Ok, now seriously, who has not been asked this question any time?
This is an
issue that I love and which will have to be arranged: visiting and family
support. I would very much like you to get involved and prepare for a
thoughtful discussion on how to implement the change required by our  Intensive Care Unit (ICU)My personal experience, having worked in 7 services, is logically varied.

I’d like to
introduce scientific arguments coming from Palma de Mallorca (thanks Bea for
the article). In  the article ‘Improving care to the families of the critical patient, consensual strategies’, published
in Intensive Nursing in 2009 and which was award to be the best communication
submitted to the 35th  national Congress
of the Spanish Society of Intensive Nursing and Coronary Units (SEEIUC) held in
Valladolid,  the authors explain how the
change began in Son Llàtzer´s ICU through its work plan
based on analysis of situation, proposals for change, design and implementation
of the proposals and evaluation.
Obviously here
we are all involved: assistants, nurses and doctors. And we have to come to
terms because everybody’s first reaction to open the ICU is a resolute ‘No’. To
what extent could our fellow intensivists neonatologists and pediatricians
contribute?? If the Ministry supports the presence of children’s  family, why not bring up the issue in our ICUs? I am aware

that there are things we cannot give to patients… and one of them is the
family support. Why not? If it’s only for historical reasons, why not rewrite
history then?The debate has been opened up.

A big kiss,