We always talk about how being more human with patients and their families, but rarely we speak about how human we need to be with people who works in the Hospital.

I personally believe that the true wealth and seal of an institution is in each one of the healthcare providers because we are representatives and the visible face of the organization. We are ” a person and not a number” and in this way is more likely to make own mission and declared values.

There are opportunities that we must not miss. We need to say “Thank you” and that is precisely what this week I want to share with you, the simple but full of details that ‘Lifekits Nhe’ meant for me: a concrete way to tell those who spend hours of strenuous work at the Nou Hospital Evangelic de Barcelona… Thank you!

“Lifekits” is simply that… a kit that invites you to live in a better way! Visit the Blog of Eva, the creator of this awesome initiative.

Because together we add more!
Veronica Rojas