Hello everybody my dear rogues:
American Society of Intensive Care (SCCM) has just released an iPad app in order to break down the barriers of communication of patients who are admitted to ICU, cannot speak: patients on mechanical ventilation, with problems of hearing, limitation of the language and so on.

The application has capacity for translation into 19 languages, a scale that allows patients to identify symptoms and express its intensity to communicate it and more than 30 preset phrases that allow the patient to express the needs related to their care and welfare.

You can learn more and download it in the area of patients and family, on the other hand I take this opportunity to invite you to visit, because it is an example for all. You have to try it, don’t you think?

Congratulations to the creators. This is a clear example that Technology should be to the order and service of Humanity and that well used, leads us to go beyond limits.

Happy Thursday, my Friends.