Rights and duties of patients culture in Spain and active participation mechanisms have been increasing in recent times.

Currently, we are facing one major challenge which consists on training professionals to defend the rights of patients in different governmental sectors of health and sanitary institutions, both nationally and internationally. In this context, the Instituto Albert J. Jovell de Salud Pública y Pacientes de UIC Barcelona has a solid experience to manage with this challenge.

Their post-graduate is an excellent opportunity to establish partnerships and forms of networking among the different profiles of participants who this training is directed.  Groups with these features and representing different sectors dealing in transverse way the health area are a source of additional processing and generates a profit of quality in learning.

The training objectives are focused on the acquisition of skills and competencies to implement the participation of patients at different levels of health, taking into account their rights and duties, as well as to promote attention centered on the person and innovation in health policies that fit best their needs.

– Designing, managing and evaluating initiatives in the promotion of the rights and duties of patients.
– Leading change processes, strategies of development and empowerment of individuals and communities, in order to achieve greater autonomy in health self-care.
– Participating in decision making concerning the defense of the needs and priorities of the patients suffering from different diseases.
– Proposing and analyzing, critically, health policies and strategies aimed at the care of people affected by some pathology.
– Promoting synergies between the different involved actors: organisations of patients, health institutions, administration and scientific and academic societies among others.
– Using scientific evidence to guide professional practice in these areas.
– Developing skills for negotiation, conflict resolution and collective, intersectoral and interdisciplinary activities.

This training programme counts with the participation of international referents in this area that will present concrete examples of good practices and successful strategies. And tomorrow Friday 24th, Proyecto HU-CI will participate in this postgraduate telling our experience thanks to the kind invitation of María Dolores Navarro. A great honour for us to collaborate with the Instituto Albert J. Jovell, and… return to the wonderful Barcelona.

Happy Thursday,