In the coming II National Conference on Humanizing Intensive Care in Barcelona, we will have the opportunity to see first hand the vision of professionals who have spent years working on units that long ago took the step of opening its doors. Without a doubt, it will be an injection of energy and a source of inspiration for those who are interested in the topic and have been walking, currently influenced by a humanizing current start-up already for almost two years.

And it is precisely in these professionals, in whom I want to focus on today. People who have decided that it has come the time to stop to rethink what can be improved in every unit and moving steadily towards the construction of a #UCIamable (kind ICU).

For that purpose we were few days ago at Quirón Málaga. The initial enthusiasm of two professionals trying to getting the rest of their companions to build together the best possible environment for patients, families and professionals, already obtained the first fruits. We had the opportunity to meet doctors, nurses and assistants to become aware of the starting point, to discuss possible ways and to make clear that they have the main ingredient: motivation and purpose to promote some changes that will improve the everybody experience. 

As I said, I want to focus on those professionals because they are the trigger that marks the starting point for many things will change in each unit. And then, we’ll see… We will see if the process moves more or less quick, if the personal commitment is followed by a necessary institutional commitment, If they can with the heating elements almost always present, if the initial motivation is favored and used to obtain the expected results.

As Álvaro or Fran, many professionals are considering each day begin working on this humanizing line. And they will be…, they are, the real protagonists in their particular units. From their own personal revolutions, they trigger it in their environment. And just for this, this movement will be already worth.

It was my pleasure to share that afternoon with them: the impatience of Marga and María José to finish a communication on time and so, someone could see more justified their attendance at the II National Conference on Humanizing Intensive Care, that in no way they want to miss it.

Those anonymous professional who have decided to start this movement, knowing that our path is made by walking. Those who today I think that they deserve to be recognized.

José Manuel Velasco