Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amigos.

Next April 14th will be held the second OPEN SPACE HUMANIZING INTENSIVE CARE from the Duth Group Family And Patient Centered Intensive Care (FCIC). We have a close friendly relationship and international collaboration and our objectives are common .

Day after day, professionals are more aware of the impact that an ICU stay generates for the patient and his family. And we, how do we manage its consequences in our lives?.

This forum is open to anyone, and to our colleagues, to be a good professional and combining it with the use of the latest technology is the key, not excluding issues. All together: nurses, intensivists, social workers or experts in pre-hospital care.

Attendees will hear inspiring talks, can participate in interactive discussions, and each topic will open new discussions. A great opportunity to establish collaborative networks.

And once again, communication seems one of the keys through listening to stories from the other side: the vision of patients and families. Everybody building at the same level, transversely, a system that optimizes care and where Dignity is the Center.

Of course, there will also be TEDx speakers, as the Ambassador of the FCIC, the musician Remy Van Kesteren (TEDxAmsterdan 2014), Dr. Jan Lavrijsen talking about patients in coma (TEDxRadboudU 2013) or our beloved Corine Jansen, talking about the importance of active listening (TEDxArnhen2015).

We wish you the best, as always. Because humanization has a single language, that which comes from the heart.

For sure, the congress will be a success of attendance and participation. 

Congrats and thank you, and amazing work!

Happy Tuesday,