Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Today we make diffusion of an article published in the latest issue of Enfermería Intensiva, the Journal of the Spanish Society of Intensive Nursing and Coronary Units, SEEIUC.

From the ICU of the Hospital Universitario de Álava in Vitoria,  the authors present us what professionals think about visiting in ICU.

Despite the publications concerning and the ample evidence found regarding the obtaining of benefit to all involved groups (patients, families and professionals), the authors present a picture of reality.

Through a survey of professionals, they showed that 87.5% professionals think that increase visiting may be little benefit to the staff.

It is noteworthy that 50% of the professionals would leave such schedules which are except that required by the patient’s situation, that is, two visits each day for 30 minutes.

It is considering, therefore, that the option restricted hours are the best. Congratulations to the authors for this “cold shower” from Txagorritxu that puts on the table a need to resolve.

Today more than ever I invite you to the discussion, because many of us have another policy and other schedules. So! I encourage you to discuss with your arguments and your experience!

Happy Friday,