From the IC-HU of Hospital Infanta Margarita of Córdoba, we present our project of humanization. 


With a lot of enthusiasm and with no less effort, it starts in December this adventure, commitment and why not? This dream.


The need for humanization arises today in many areas, but it is in the Healthcare System where perhaps the most delicate situation exists. Vulnerability and suffering are almost inherent to the process of getting sick.

It´s no only the patient and the environment. Workers also suffer, and we often are the first to complain of how dehumanization in health care appears to be increasingly more widespread. Sometimes it’s intractable: we only can observe impassively and accept it.

Could we do something?

It is time for  make the change real, and this change is a trend that increasingly has more followers, because it arises, as all great revolutions of a great need: rediscover the essential values, to remember that people are the most important part of the system.

And as any revolution, it was started by a few (thank you for lighting the wick, IC-HU Project). Every day people is joining because this movement is unstoppable, because together we add more!

From the sophisticated and strict organization of intensive care units, it is an increasingly evident outcry, the need to reconcile and accompany the incorporation of technological and scientific advances with best human values, to make our work with sense.

In this wonderful context, breeding ground for enthusiasm and commitment, is where our ICU is starting the Project:

 “1 year: 12 months for 12 commitments”

We want to get on the humanization revolution. We want to be part of this change. We want to live this from within. We want to write IC-HU with “H” of humanization

Because we are convinced that a small group, in a small place of the world…can do great things!.

We started!! First commitment: the solidarity IC-HU:


You can follow our adventure and contact us at
UCI Infanta Margarita: Proyecto 1 año, 12 meses para 12 compromisos Facebook group:

Dr. Maria Rojas