Peter (the intensivist physician) and Eva (the veteran nurse) had a bad relationship and everybody know.

The air was cut when you were with them. They bother to the rest of the team.

When I came on shift that Saturday, my mate told me that the patient of the box 4 had a transient femoral pacemaker. He was admitted because of a full AV blockade that when it appeared spontaneously caused him complete loss of knowledge. It seemed clear that his target was a definitive pacemaker implantation but until Monday it would not be possible. In the meantime, the patient was admitted in the ICU

If he was not blocked everything was perfect; absolute tranquility.

Suddenly the alarm sounded. Vicente had blocked again. Everyone ran to the box 4.

Eva, being nearby, was the first to arrive. She came into the box and turned on the device with the tranquility of her knowledge and experience. How many things I learned from her those years when I was young!.

I could see how Vincent, still unconscious, recovered from the knowledge loss and became perfectly awake. He looked around, watched us and said in a voice of sadness and frustration: “Again… isn’t it?”.

Peter the intensivist came to the race. All had passed, it was very fast. I am sure that when he arrived his perception was that nothing had happened there, even the Ps without QRS had run the screen. Probably the scene had barely lasted 30 seconds. He had only heard the sound of alarms.

What happened? – He asked with arrogant tone.

– Vicent was blocked again – Eva replied.

– And?

– I’ve turned on the pacemaker. You left off scheduled – Eva argued with hard tone.

A profound silence settled, high voltage…

– Who has given you permission? – Peter said.

– My common sense – she answered with fortitude.

– I’m not your common sense – the face of Pedro was already dislocated.

New and profound silence. The tension did not stop climbing.

– For me there is no problem. You are your doctor here. If you want you can stop the pacemaker when you want, and see what happens… -Eva dropped with ironic voice.

– NOBODY TOUCH THE PACEMAKER HERE! -Vicent , the patient cried. HAS IT BECOME CLEAR? -He insisted.

– WITH ME NOBODY IS GOING TO PLAY! Your differences need to be fixed elsewhere. Is it ok?. – Again, he stressed.

As the Prophet tells us: “Here it is…”.Sometimes the patient puts more common sense than a mismanagement of emotions.

Story based on real events.