On the outskirts of Santiago de Chile (the city where I live), occurs the same thing that in all countries. There are dangerous areas mainly by the socio-cultural context in which they are found.

These areas tend to have high rates of crime and the profile of the patients of critical services tends to be young wounded by bullet, victim of “settling of accounts”… a scenario quite complex and adverse.

It is precisely in this area of the capital of Chile where there is located a Hospital, curiously in the middle of a street called “Hope”. While I was circulating around it I kept thinking in the symbolic insert…A hospital on that street, and I thought what does really mean hope? According to the Real Academia Española is defined as “State of mind in which is presented to us as possible what we want”.

What do we wish and believe as possible? Making a revolution from the inside of the ICU, moved by the desire to stop doing always the same and return humanity to a place where we have become machines.

Verónica Rojas