Every year at this time I usually write the “my wish list”. For my, this is still a moment for thinking very special, but mainly of illusion, as when I was a child.

This year I would like to share “my wish list” with you:

1. I would like natural light for de ICU.

I want natural light so that patients could feel the change of intensity and color that we experience throughout the day.

This effect can be achieved with luminaries LED downlighting. They offer independent control of the temperature and intensity of color, imitating the natural light cycle and they can be programmed to be able to experience from dawn to dusk through all its phases.

Natural light is very important: significantly improves the quality of sleep, decreases nervousness and depression, improves mood and irritability, reduces fatigue and stress, improves the immune system.

And also for professionals: does not alter the biorhythm, increases concentration and performance which can create a less hostile working environment.

2. I want that transfers of patients to be improved.

There is a system of data collection that allows you to separate the monitor from the base and carry it with the patient. When the patient returns from a test or change of bed, monitor connects again and the data collected during the transfer are automatically loaded in the database.

It would be interesting to design a supplementary element to attach to beds in shipments and facilitate them. So, all the elements that the patient needs could move in a safe and effective way and professionals who accompany the patient only would have to pay attention on the patient (also version for wheelchair could be done).

3. And finally, I want to make the stay of the family members of the patients more comfortable: having adapted spaces to be able to sleep, eat, bathe and even work.

I love this sofa for its versatility. It would be wonderful that these sofas could be in the rooms of the patients of the IC-HU, so patient and family can be together (always in cases where possible). In this way the family could get involved in the care of the patient, the environment would be much more kind and relaxed for both and the recovery could be faster.

This is “My wish list” for the IC-HU in 2016. Have you already thought yours?. And why not?.

Greetings and Merry Christmas!

Mónica Ferrero
Lab In Action, Design Studio