Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

We are moving ahead in the Team Coaching project “Awakening the genius of the ICU“, and on Wednesday, March 4, from 8.30 to 10 in the library of the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón we are organizing a very special session, to which you are all invited (please send an email confirmation of attendance to gabihache@gmail.com).

The workshop will be carried out by Virginia González-Vélez, a lover of relationships whose work is focused on improve them every day to be more successful and growing. From own experience she knows that it is necessary to start from the relationship with oneself, using tools such as coaching or the practice of meditation, which also used them in relationships with others. Her commitment is to make possible to be full of energy and be able to share.

More than 25 years as lawyer, the change of profession to coaching and teaching mindfulness, and the challenges in her personal life, give her flexibility, understanding and compassion to understand and be able to “put in the shoes” of others, showing a sincere accompaniment. Her web, Vircenter.net.

As Osho says in his book “Meditation, the first and last freedom” Meditation is defined as: “… an adventure; an adventure into the unknown, the greatest adventure that the human mind can undertake. Meditation is simply to be, doing nothing, without action, without thought, without emotion. You are simply, and that is pure joy. Where does that joy if you’re not doing anything? It comes from nowhere, or comes from everywhere. It has no cause, since existence is made of this substance called joy.”

Three things are essential when it comes to meditate:

1. Be playful, relax yourself.

2. Be patient, learn how to observe and observe yourself.

3. Forget about results, loose value judgments

“The nature of the observation, the quality of being conscious and alert, that is meditation.”

Who dares?

Happy Friday