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Yesterday, Héctor G. Barnés published in El Confidencial his article: Los trapos sucios (y los agobios) de la profesión médica, según un doctor de EEUU (Dirty laundry (and the hassles) of the medical profession, according to a U.S. doctor). It seems to me that it is a must read.

“I have become the kind of doctor that I’ve never thought that it would be: impatient, occasionally indifferent, sometimes derogatory or paternalistic”.

Such statements have been said by the cardiologist Sandeep Jauhar to The Wall Street Journal on the occasion of the publication of his book of memoirs, Doctored. The Disillusionment of an American Physician (Farrar).

Professional disappointments, frustration, stress, lack of independence, bad economic conditions … all finally results in a patient care that will deteriorate with the passage of the years. The big difference with respect to other works, is the responsibility we have to the society. Increasingly less time with the patient, more and more tasks that do not touch us, and each time with worst ratio.

“There are many other ways to make my life more fully. The sad thing is that we chose Medicine because we thought it was noble, but by what I’ve seen in my short career, is a farce”.

More than 58% of professionals acknowledge having lost the illusion, and more than 30% would not return to study Medicine in view of what has become this profession.

On the other hand, “patients are increasingly disenchanted with a medical system that is indifferent to their needs,” explains Jauhar. The notion of “my doctor” has disappeared, and today than usual is that each patient has not only a long collection of specialists, but of several family doctors the same year.

“Medicine is to take care of people in their most vulnerable state and make you a little more vulnerable in this process,” concludes Jauhar. “They are those human moments that others – lawyers, bankers – envy of our profession, and no company, no entity us it can be removed.” For the author, there is “our professional salvation”.

Since IC-HU Project, the message is clear: If the system does not care a caregiver, we believe that it is doomed to failure and will not be sustainable.

And that care, begins in each of us.

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Pd: Thanks to Dra. Nuria Camino for sharing this article