Hello everybody my dear friends.

I really don´t like  these kind of things, but today I going to allow me several licenses.

The first, publishing the entry evening in honor of our supporters in Latin America.

The second, share with you the first interview that I do in my life.

El Blog Alternativo, a space that aims to create a better world, and one of my Premium Selection’ Blogs, learned of the existence of IC-HU Project and invited me to speak with them.

And this is the result:
“Medicine is not an assembly line” An interview by Dr Gabi Heras,  “Humanizing Intensive Care Project”

I ask, although I know that it´s not neccesary because I am counting on all of you, you read it, post a comment and  give it maximum diffusion.

Many thanks to María del Mar and Angel for your work and for your wonderful project.

Together we will build the world we want and deserve.