Hi everyone my dear scoundrels!
On Saturday 1.48  my second daughter, Mara,  was born. Ten minutes later and she would be born in the time change …So, today I will write nothing related to the blog.

Or maybe it will be.

I am writing with Mara in my arms and typing in tears, and I definitely think that this blog has brought under her arm. Such tenderness that does not fit you in to teach , to teach us, it’s time to back to the beginning and certainly we are indebted to our children because they deserve a better world than we have today.
In 20 minutes left , which is called a precipitate delivery. And I thought,oh boy! This girl looks just her father crazy when I get to do many things at once . Recently someone who loves me said to me, “man, you look like a Grand National horse , no one follows you .” And although this be my Nature , also I will say that I have learned how important it is to stop and think .
Think and see where we go .
Think and see if this is really what we want .
Think and see how we could improve our daily lives , and thus improve all around us.
Something that we have within this blog feel like yours, and if you could not go outside. So , my dear friends, set yourselves . Simply . Nothing happens. The world is not falling . You are not failing anyone. It is as simple as making an investment in your happiness. Only those who really know me know that I have traveled the roads and I also had my black dog. And there’s nothing better to seek help from another human being.
That is, to get off the palm tree. From Humanizing and Intensive Care Medicine and Nursing by extension .
In the advance online issue of the journal Medicina Intensiva , Dra. Escudero and his team of Intensive Care Unit in Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias , Oviedo , presents his point of view : On the one ICU open doors, more comfortable and humane . It’s time to change.
 I am sure that everyone will read and share it
I’ll take the second point : IS TIME TO CHANGE .
And I would add : this is our responsability and we will get it with the help of everyone.
A hug .
Ah ! And Mara wishes you the best … and thanks on behalf of all the members of the Delivery Room and 2E Floor of Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro.