Hola a todos, my dear friends.

We are pleased again to share a new multicentric collaborative research coordinated by Proyecto HU-CI. Thank you all.

The ahead of publication section of Medicina Intensiva  has recently published the article Main information requests of family members of patients in Intensive Care Units, directed brilliantly by José Manuel Velasco.

Because one thing is what we tell the families and other what the need to know.

Proyecto HU-CI wanted to develop a catalogue of informaion request prioritized by families, to know who professionals they consider can respond to these demands and to explore the differences of criterion between family and professionals.

66 professionals from 41 Spanish ICU collected the opinions of families and professionals:

Concerning about the clinical situation, measures to take, prognosis and need for information are the most important issues for families. There was a coincidence between families and professionals on priority issues for families, although professionals tend to underestimate things that really concern families: there were significant differences in the importance given to each question: between physicians and relatives (72/82 questions) and between nurses and family (66/82 questions) (p<0.05).

This is the list of the twenty most important questions for families, which should be the content of the information we give them every day:

For relatives, 63% of the questions could be answered by both doctors or nurses, 27% preferably by doctors and 10% by nurses. That is: the information should be of all.

Many thanks to those who have collaborated in this article, which should serve to reflect and change the daily clinical practice in our HU-CI.

We make the way by walking, among all.

Stay tunned!