Hi everybody, my dear friends.

Today´s post will be something like a Pathwork project, I will talk about various items and you will see that cool that is.

First of all, is to thank you for the scope El Blog alternativo interview. Nothing more and nothing less than 42192! on the first day. Thank you for the likes, the Retwitts, and for sharing link (this last is what gives wider dissemination to post!) Something moves in the medicine, and together are making it possible.

Second, is to give you the preliminary results of the survey of Hearts in Healthcare on how and how much human is your Hospital. Eye to the data, something we have to change in medicine.

And the last thing is to thank Dr. Antonio Nuñez and his team at the Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid the magnificent course of thoracic ultrasound that just completed and I had that lucky enough to attend thanks to the companions of teaching of the University Hospital of Torrejón.

An obvious example of that technology at the service of professional, a method non-invasive, can help us every day in our professional development. All students leave thrilled to the eminently practical and interactive nature of the course, so stay tuned for new editions because for me the ECOUCI of the clinician is one of those essential courses all Intensivist should be able to do.

And remember, you have to listen to our patients because they have much to teach us. My brother Miguel has sent me this video of the last talk by Professor Randy Pausch, don’t miss it!

Happy day, and aupa Atleti!

To this end Madrid… see you in Lisbon!

This post is dedicated to the great surgeon and better person Dr. Enrique Esteban and his wife. See us at the foot of Lenin Statue!