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Although it is Saturday, I send mandatory duties today. We want to share with you all the TED talk Let´s talk about dying, by Dr. Peter Saul. In the same line of An emotional awakening, inviting us to stop and think to modify the process.

These are the key ideas:

– All of us will die in the 21st century.

– The process of dying is now.

– Currently this process will be a disaster for most of us, unless we do something to change the process and change the current path.

– In Intensive Care Units we do not save lives, we prolong life and delay death.

– There is no dialogue on death: only one of every 100 patients speaks of this, and only one of every 500 has thought what will do when the time comes.

– How we die is crucial not only for us, but for the lives of those who survive us.

– Stress caused by a death in intensive care is seven times greater than that generated by any other kind of death. So that die in ICU is not among the best options, if we could choose.

– One of every 10 of us will die in an ICU according to the current path.

– When the elections of the patients are respected and discussed with them about dying, 98% of people thinks that this should be a common practice.


– We have to ask ourselves:
  • In case that you were very sick and could not express yourself, who want to speak for you?.
  • Would have you spoken with this person about the things that are important to you so we know best what we should do?.
Do not miss it !


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