Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Diario.es of Andalucía has recently published a new we want to spread: Spanish public hospital have less than five psychologist per 100.000 inhabitants

The Spanish public hospitals have 2120 psychologists: we would need 5000 more. The European average is 18, but the Nordic countries have 70 psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants.

Huge waiting list despite the prevalence of mental health disorders, where the Spanish rate of mental illness and suicide have increased.

More clinical psychologists are needed, and a campaign of collecting signatures has been launched through change.org, making visible the problem through social networks and seeking political solutions. Over 12400 signatures in a week, surely they will increase thanks to your contribution.

In words of Professor Antoni Sicras-Mainar, “Spanish health is treating mental health problems almost entirely with drug therapy”.

90% of consultations on psychological problems of the patients remain in primary care, without having psychologists.

We are still looking for the magic pill that will fix our problems, and pills are not substitutes for psychotherapy. From the IC-HU Project, firm convinced of the need for clinical psychologists in one of the zones most vulnerable emotionally hospital, intensive care units, we strongly encourage you to sign and support this campaign.

We need psychologists as part of our multidisciplinary ICU teams. For patients, families and professionals.

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