We are very close with the prevalence study, which on November 25 will be the task from Analgesia and Sedation Working Group of  SEMICYUC. The ICUs that will participate will allow to know the Spanish reality in this area, I share with you a short but very useful publication which serves to optimize the use of sedatives and analgesics in ICUs. The interesting thing about this article is that it corresponds to a hospital of high complexity in Chile where I had the opportunity to work, so I want to share something that I lived and I could experience.

The patient “asleep” paradigm has been modified by having someone awake, collaborative and participatory. This is reflected in the international recommendation through the PAD guides.

It has generated the need to improve the analgesia and mostly with non-pharmacological strategies that favour the comfort of the user.

When I point out that we incorporate “more heart” I make allusion to Plato, who said that at the center of our chest was the courage and the will to deal with adverse situations. In this abstract site where love, generosity, and compassion live.

Only thus the revolution will start from within… first from ourselves to follow with our environment.

Happy week!
Verónica Rojas